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The Group has been committed to lead the development and innovation of precision stamping equipment nationwide. In June 2014, the Group’s latest product, JSG36-1000, a model of high-end stamping machine, gained national recognition from the government and industry experts for attaining high industry standards in the high-end stamping equipment market. Meanwhile, the new model has attained the approval for mass production from local authorities and the accreditation from the Jiangsu Economic Information Technology Commission (“江苏省经济和信息委员会”) through a series of stringent tests and assessments on applied technology, on-site production and product quality.

This new product has multiple enhanced features such as expanded operational capability, higher tonnage capacity and higher precision so as to better cater to clients’ needs in automotive, railway and home appliance sectors. With these features, we believe that this product can meet the ongoing sophisticated demands of our customers and overcome the specification constraints in equipment manufacturing. Looking ahead, we will persist in research and development (“R&D”) investment and continue to develop innovative technology and new categories of products to enhance our competitiveness.