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At World Precision Machinery Limited, we specialise in the manufacture of stamping machines and its related components (including machinery parts and accessories as well as resin-casted components). We offer both standard and customised machines to suit the different needs of our customers.

We are strategically located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, PRC with an approximate production floor area of 130,000 square metres. With over 1,400 production employees, we operate a vertically integrated manufacturing plant capable of manufacturing 90% of the components required for the manufacture of our stamping machines in-house.

Our Products

We market our stamping machines under the World Trademark. With more than 300 different models of stamping machines, we offer a wide spectrum of product features for various applications.

Below are some of sample of products manufactured by us :

We also manufacture related components of our stamping machines which include machinery parts and accessories. Most of the components required for our stamping machines are manufactured in-house. We also manufacture related components based on customers’ specifications. Our related components are either casted from resin moulds or clay moulds.

With resin-moulds, we are able to produce precision components of higher accuracy and quality which may be used in various industries including engineering, aerospace, machinery and electronics.