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Within the domestic market, the Group has expanded its footprint in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Bohai Rim. Geographic expansion aims to tap into huge markets with potential customers from different regions. Bohai Rim is the recent focus as it is abundant in raw materials. With our recent expansion into Bohai Rim, the Group could lower its material cost and transportation cost, and at the same time, tap huge markets in Northern China with 307 existing customers, who contributed a total of RMB 105 million to the Group's total revenue in 2014.

Our new Shenyang plant, which targets mainly the high-end manufacturing segment, has completed its phase one construction in December 2012. The plant is strategically situated closely to many automobile manufacturers in China. We are looking forward to its contribution to the Group's results in the near future.

Regarding the international market, we are strongly encouraged by news that China plans to speed up the implementation of “go global” strategy in 2015 and thus provide better financialservices and information services to firms investing abroad, according to the National People’s Congress. As a result, the Group is expected to get moregovernment support for its international expansion plans.

At the same time, Chinese home appliances and electronics are gaining increasing traction among European consumers because of the price advantage and product innovation. Hence, moving forward, the Group intends to leverage on these favourable trends by continuously innovating and enhancing its product offerings to capture the emerging international market.